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resizable dragable boxes (div,img, p)

GaRaGeD Style
Hi all

Is it possible to have draganddrop property on any arbitrary html element with dojo?? I mean like

I'm using dojo io, and was using some dnd from dojo too, but when incorporing another tool working with the walterzorn script MSIE fails to work properly, FF doesnt. I started thinking on porting the other tool to dojo, but there seems not to be any way to attach dnd to a div or img arbitrarelly, is it possible ?? and is it possible to set resize as keyboard event ? as the walterzorn tool too :-).

Thanks in advance

p.d. I can work part with dojo part with the other tool, that's not a problem, just wondering if it is possible to do exactly the same with only dojo.

Version: 3.12
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