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dojox/form/Uploader on iOS

Marchlewitz, Marius



I am using dojox/form/Uploader to upload pictures from a webapplication.

This works well on IE, Edge and Chrome on Windows as well as with Edge on Windows Mobile.

It does not work at all on iOS. (Tested on iOS 9 and 10)

The uploader opens, I select some files for upload, but they are not added to the list of files to upload.


I debugged this and found that in Uploader.js, function _connectButton the ‘change’ event on this.inputNode is not executed on iOS.

It seems Safari does not support this event for <input=”file”>.

I tried forcing iframe and using different events, but did not get it to work.


Did some of you get it to work or does someone have an idea how to fix this?





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