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dojo/typings Release 1.11.0

Kitson Kelly
Today we have release dojo/typings 1.11.0.

It is a package of TypeScript typings describing Dojo 1.11 modules (including most Dijit and some DojoX).

TypeScript is becoming a powerful tool to develop type safe code as well as a great way to provide intellisense and code insight into IDEs, to make it more powerful and easier to write JavaScript and TypeScript.

While there have been some community efforts to date to provide typings, because of the complexity of Dojo/Dijit/DojoX they haven't been able to be as effective as we believe dojo/typings is.  This has required a level of "hand-crafting" of the typings to ensure that the intent of the code is accurately reflected in the typings.

Hopefully those of you who are starting to use Dojo 1 with TypeScript will benefit from this effort, but also like all things open source, it will directly benefit from your contributions.

So check out the repository at and the release is also available on NPM via: "npm install dojo-typings".


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