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dijitHidden class & breaking changes

I would like to know, where should / could  the class 'dijitHidden' be used?

According to comment in its implementation it should be used on children of StackContainer (and descedants).

    /* To hide unselected panes in StackContainer etc. */

But it is used also on other elements in tutorials, e.g.:


I have been using this class everywhere in my application where I needed to hide an element
(because when it's suitable for tutorial, it's suitable for me...)
But recently, after updating the dojo from github, I have found out, that some of my pages are broken,
because there have been a breaking change in class implementation (using visibility: hidden, instead of display:none).


And for example computing with dom-geometry, now does not work as expected, because dijitHidden elements now have height & width.

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