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dgrid 4.0 checkbox issue

Forbes, Mike

Issue with dgrid 4.0 with Checkbox and receiving data from the server.


I have the current grid:


var CustomGrid = declare([OnDemandGrid, DijitRegistry, Selection, Selector]);


var self = this;

                  this.grid = new CustomGrid({

                           collection: this.store,



                                  bValue: { label: "", sortable: false, selector: "checkbox"},

                                  name: self._createCell({ label: i18n.selectAll, sortable: false})},

                           selectionMode: "single",

                           allowSelectAll: true

                           }, this.gridNode);







{bValue: true, name: “Alex”, id: index++}

{bValue: false, name: “Marc”, id: index++}

{bValue: true, name: “Stella”, id: index++}



For some reason the checkbox in the grid remain unchecked for the data with the value of “true”.  Is there something missing?

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