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dStore update/tracking question

Harry Devine

I have a dGrid that I'm not implementing inline editing for using the Editor mixin.  The editing part works great.  What I'm trying to figure out is how to notifiy the collection of the change.  I used to have this working on the older dGrid 0.3.17, but now I'm using dGrid 1.1.0 and dStore 1.1.0 using Trackable.  I can't seem to figure out how to make this work.  Here's what I'm doing at the moment:

annualStore = new TrackableMemory({target:"msawGetAnnualQAReviews.php?site=" + site});

var annualTracked = annualStore.track();

annualGrid.on("dgrid-datachange", function(evt){         

  if (evt.cell.column.id == "date") {           

    var formattedValue = locale.format(evt.value, {selector:"date", datePattern: "dd-MMM-yyyy"});

      console.log("value: ", evt.value, "; Formatted: ", formattedValue);

      evt.value = formattedValue;console.log(annualGrid.collection);



annualTracked.on('add,update,delete', function(event) {





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