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Rob Gillan-2

We have a number of dGrids in our application, most of which are rendered within a nested chain of BorderContainers/TabContainers.  The dStore contains a large number of items (in the 1000’s) and the OnDemandGrid works really well.

We’ve noticed that often when scrolling, that the scroll bar does not appear on the RH side of the grid, which makes it hard to obviously drag to navigate the large data set.  We have DijitRegistry mixed into the OnDemandGrid, along with CellSelection.  We are testing on latest Chrome.  Other than this little annoyance, everything is working really well (this is our first foray into dGrid with dStore rather than the older dojo/store).  We’re using the flat dojo theme and still on 1.10.3.

Any suggestions very much appreciated.  We will be moving to 1.11 soon but wanted to make sure our app was fully functional first.

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