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dGrid/Column refresh and event update question

Rob Gillan-4

We’ve implemented a column selection process that recreates the column object for a dGrid (latest) under Dojo 1.12.  We send a grid refresh after setting the columns and the display is correct.

We are using ‘dgrid-select’ events to drive user actions.  The click handler is assigned soon after initial creation of the CellSelectionGrid (CellSelectionGrid = declare([OnDemandGrid, CellSelection, DijitRegistry]);) after the initial column substantiation.  This happily returns an event with:

                                rowId = cells[0].row.id;
                                columnId = parseInt(cells[0].column.id);
                                fieldId = cells[0].column.field;

When we reload the column definition at a later date and refresh the grid layout, we have found that the passed event does not get updated, so that if a new column #4 gets inserted, both new column #4 and now column #5 return the same row/column/field values (in error).  It appears that even after refreshing of the grid layout we are not seeing the event object updated with the new column related values.  It’s as if the column structure is set on instantiation, and doesn’t change if the columns are reset/reloaded.

Hopefully someone has an idea as to what’s going on here or what sequence of actions we could take to fix this.

As always, thanks in advance
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