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Strange issue with dGrid

Harry Devine

I have a really strange issue with my dGrid that I was hoping someone could help with.  I have an event handler where when I double click on a row, I display a Dijit dialog and make use of the grid row's ID property, make whatever updates I need, then click the OK button, which writes the changes back to a MySQL database via Dojo  The OK button is using the on.once handler so it only runs once per double-click instance.

However, I've run into a situation where I noticed that some of the data in the grid was being duplicated/corrupted, and I've tracked it down when I double click on a row, and the dialog is displayed, then I hit Cancel, the on.once handler does not get cleared.  So the next time that I open a dialog via the double click, I have an extra handler. 

So my question is: how do I destroy an on handler that I no longer need?



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