Strange drawing issue with dGrid

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Strange drawing issue with dGrid

Harry Devine
My application is using dGrid 0.3.17, and I have the main page that has
an Accordion Container on the left, with a regular ContentPane on the
right.  When the user clicks on something on the left, the content is
generated on the right ContentPane.

In this generated content, I have information at the top and in the
middle of the pane, I have 2 dijit/TitlePane controls, of which, the
first one has a dGrid in it.  When I open the TitlePane, the outline of
grid is there, but no content or columns.  The only way I can get it to
show up is to resize the browser in any way (maximized to non-maximized,
or vice-versa), then the grid is displayed.

After I create the grid and set its store/other parameters, I call
grid.startup().  I use other dGrids in this application, and I create
them all the same way, and they all show up properly when created.  Its
just this one that has this issue.  Any ideas on what could be going on,
or how to debug/fix it?



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