Several issues getting started with Dojox Mobile

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Several issues getting started with Dojox Mobile

Harry Devine
I'm trying to start making an area of my site "mobile" aware using DojoX Mobile, but I'm having several issues.

I'm starting with a dojox/mobile/View, and within that I have several dojox/mobile/ScrollableView nodes.  In one of the ScrollableView nodes, I have a series of dojox/mobile/TextBox objects along with a dojox/mobile/Button defined.  What I'm trying to do is:

1) call a javascript function in a module where I get values from a database, and set the value of the text boxes accordingly.  I'm calling registry.byId("textboxID").set("value", value) as I would using a Dijit TextBox, but I keep getting errors in Firebug saying that registry.byId("textboxID") is not found.

2) for the mobile Button, I'm trying to attach an event handler event using dojo/on, but when I do, I get an error in Firebug that says "TypeError: _36f is undefined".  The line that its referring to is my on handler:

  on(registry.byId("myButton"), "click", function() {
    console.log("Button pressed");

I also have a dGrid on one of the views that I'd like to handle cell edits for both double-clicks on desktops, as well as double-taps on tablets or phones, but I can't seem to figure out how to code that up.  I can get 1 or the other but not both.

Any ideas on how to fix these issues?


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