Resetting a value in an InlineEditBox

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Resetting a value in an InlineEditBox

Harry Devine
I am implementing an InlineEditbox with a TextBox field.  When the user clicks Save, I have a custom dialog being presented that asks for the user's credentials, which I verify against our LDAP database.  If it passes, the value is updated accordingly and there are no issues.  If the user's password fails, I'd like to cancel the inline edit change and revert the field back to what it was.

However, I can't seem to get that to happen.  I try to set the value back by calling registry.byId("iebPhone").set("value", oldValue), but this triggers an onChange event.  The onChange event is where I show my dialog for the user's credentials, so the dialog keeps getting shown over and over again.  So how do I either cancel the inline edit or force the original value back into the field WITHOUT triggering an onChange event each time?


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