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Re: innerHTML or DOM in Dojo?

Bob Ippolito
The big problem with innerHTML is that most people are very lazy when  
they use it, and end up not escaping things properly... I generally  
consider innerHTML to be an optimization for the cases that warrant  
it, not a design goal.


On Dec 5, 2005, at 2:14 PM, Alex Russell wrote:

> Under the covers, dojo uses innerHTML (or whatever else is available
> that does the same thing) to deserialize the content of a template,
> which is then cloneNode()-ed for each new widget instance. We haven't
> addressed the templating problem yet, but I expect our approach to
> expose only DOM and to be conservative about maintaining node
> references, no matter what it does under the covers.
> Regards
> On Monday 05 December 2005 1:41 pm, Max Demian wrote:
>> Anyone have a link (or some thoughts) on innerHTML vs DOM
>> manipulation?
>> I've got to make a decision for a project here and I'm not sure what
>> current best practice is considered to be.
>> (the data is coming in from the server in JSON, so innerhtml without
>> some kind of js templating is not going to happen).
>> My gut tells me DOM is the "right" way to do things, but i've seen
>> plenty of benchmarks that show innerHTML is much much faster (order
>> of magnitude faster at least) even with heavy use of cloneNode.
>> What does dojo favour? As i'm using more and more dojo code and will
>> likely be really getting inside the dojo code as this project
>> progresses I should probably go the way dojo has gone.
>> cheers,
>> Jesse Sherlock
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Re: innerHTML or DOM in Dojo?

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Bob, I totally agree with you. I wish people would get their a** to work and stop complaining that this doesn't work etc. Good post. Regards, Kredyt hipoteka kredyty lokaty lokata