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Overriding InlineEditBox

Harry Devine
I'd like to override InlineEditBox to have the user enter their log in credentials when the change a field in their profile.  The field is being edited by an InlineEditBox.  I figure that I need to override InlineEditBox so I can override the save function, do my validation, and continue from there.  Here's what I'm trying (any pointers would be greatly appreciated):

], function(declare, request, Deferred, on, dom, query, registry, InlineEditBox) {
  return declare("TSInlineEditBox", InlineEditBox, {

  /* Handler for the Change Password Cancel button */
  query("#pwdDialogSubmit").forEach(function(node) {
    on(node, "click", function() {
      this.verifyUser(mod.iebPhone.get("value"), data.phone);

  onChange: function() {
    dom.byId("pwdDialogUserName").innerHTML = "<b>" + registry.byId("username").get("value") + "</b>";

  /* This is the overridden save function. We want to see if this user */
  /* passes the password validation check BEFORE we save the edit. If */
  /* they do, we will save the edit; if not, we will cancel it. */ 
  save: function(focus) {

  var result = false;


  /* Not sure what to do here!!! */


  /* This function is called when the user clicks the Unlock Account button. */
  verifyUser: function(phone, oldPhone) {
    request.post("verifyUser.php", {
      handleAs: "json",
      data: {'user': registry.byId("username").get("value"),
      'pwd': registry.byId("pwdDialogPassword").get("value"),
      'phone': phone
    }).then (function(data){
      if (data.status == "true") {
        dom.byId("ldapAccountUnlockStatus").innerHTML = "<b><font face=Arial color=green>Password verified; Phone update recorded!";
        setTimeout(function() {dom.byId("ldapAccountUnlockStatus").innerHTML = "";}, 3000);
      else {
        dom.byId("ldapAccountUnlockStatus").innerHTML = "<b><font face=Arial color=red>Password failed! Phone update aborted!</font></b>";
        setTimeout(function() {dom.byId("ldapAccountUnlockStatus").innerHTML = "";}, 3000);


What I need to do, in a nutshell, is:

1) The user double-clicks the field and makes their update;

2) User clicks Save;

3) Dialog is presented to enter their LDAP credentials;

4) Credentials are checked;

5) If the credentials are correct, the update is saved as normal;

6) If the credentials are incorrect, the update is NOT saved and the data reverts back to the previous value;

Thanks for any help!


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