Observable not updating data store

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Observable not updating data store

Harry Devine
I have a dGrid that is getting its data from a URL passed to RequestMemory and wrapped in Observable as follows:

store = new Observable(new RequestMemory({url: "getData.php",
   getChildren: function(parent, options) {
     return this.query({parent:parent.id}, options);
   mayHaveChildren: function(parent) {
     return parent.hasChildren == true;

I handle the dgrid-datachange event and use request.post to update my database on the back end.  However, it appears like the store in memory is NOT updated and I can't seem to figure out how to update it.  The grid has the updated value, but if I print the value of the store for that item, its the original value.  I was under the impression that Observable would automatically update the store.  What am I missing to make this happen?


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