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Loading Angular with the dojo loader


Hi all,


In our existing product, based on dojo 1.12, we would like to integrate some components that are created using Angular.

We are investigation whether we can make this work.


It looks like the dojo loader can load the Angular modules just fine (when tweaking the tsconfig to generate amd). However loading the RxJS dependency proves to be a bit more challenging.

RxJS comes with a bundle in AMD format that load just fine, resolving to the Rx object. The Observable module can be found using Rx.Observable, so everything looks quite ok.


However, Angular tries to load rxjs/Observable, which the AMD loader cannot resolve, since the bundle comes as a “all in one” file, but does not register the sub-modules with the loader.

Is there some tweak to make this work?


Sharing any other experiences with integrating a recent version of Angular with dojo 1 would be welcome too.


Kind regards, Ronald

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