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Issue with Dijit/Tree

Harry Devine

In a Dijit Tree that I have, I have code that is selecting a node programatically, but not completely.  The tree is opened up, but the node I want selected is not being selected nor scrolled into view.  I'm using the following logic, taken from the Dijit Tree documentation:

tree.set("paths", [["topRoot", "sitesRoot", "HJD"], ["topRoot", "sitesRoot"]]).then (function(path) {

  console.log ("in paths function.....");



Based on the example and write-ups, this should select the node and scroll it into view.  Its doing neither at the moment.  I'm not getting that console.log at all, indicating that the promise is never being fullfilled.  Any ideas as to why?  Or what I need to do to further diagnose this?



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