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Image update

I have just committed the first of a series of image updates to Dojo.

As some might know we are going to be standardizing on a main theme (Soria) and this is the first installment of that.
Things will get better as we go forward and we'll be adding more themes and a way to set themes but that is a little
further down the road.

Some of the more noticeable changes will be that the tabs are now in the Soria blue theme as well as the Button widget.
I know it's a sad day to see that weiner dog go but I think we can get past that ;)

I've kept file name changes down to a minimum on the off chance you might be linking to an image elsewhere, that image
will still load but will now have the updated look (unless you were linking to that dinosaur in the button demo in which
case, you're out of luck).

Stay tuned,
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