GUI Hangs, when Table refreshed while using scrollbar.

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GUI Hangs, when Table refreshed while using scrollbar.

Penchal Reddy
Hi Team,

I am using Dojo tool kit 1.3 And Midori Browser. 

The issue is:


1.       I have a page where it will display summary of all tests(running and queued).

2.       When the list of tests are exceeded the page size, Automatically scroll bar will come on right side.

3.       Here, After completing each test the page will be refreshed.

4.       In the process of refreshing the page, the scrollbar on right side will be automatically sent to top position.

5.       Issue is, when I am using the scrollbar to see the end list in the page ( making scrollbar up/down) And at the same time if page get refreshed(if test completes), Then the complete GUI HANGS.

6.       There is no way to use GUI after this. We have to reboot the entire server.


Issue Description in one line:  When I am holding the scrollbar and if page got refreshed, then the gui go for HANG. Will never respond to any query. But backend all processes are running.

Can somebody help me here ?


Thanks & Regards
Penchal Reddy T Y,
+91- 741 155 22 89

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