[GSOC] GSOC 2015 Is upon the open source community again, Dojo should be there!

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[GSOC] GSOC 2015 Is upon the open source community again, Dojo should be there!

Karl Tiedt
    It has been awhile since y'all have heard from me, but I got the email notice that registrations are open and it sounds like 2015 is the year to get the Dojo Foundation involved in this amazing movement again. I spoke with Dylan and he is in the process of getting some ideas written up, however that is only a fraction of what it takes to pull off this endeavor from an organization level. We have until 20 Feb @ 19:00 UTC to get all of these resources pulled together. We've done it in the past, we can pull this off again!

    If we are accepted, we will need mentors to help guide the students and provide meaningful feedback on the progress. These mentors can be anyone from the Dojo community (contributor, or community member) that has sufficient knowledge of the project, specifically relating to the tasks you end up mentoring for (TBD).

    Additionally, if anyone out there has ideas for tasks that would make great projects for a student to work as part of GSOC, please respond and I'll update our potential list of ideas so that we can discuss them as needed and see what will fit best into the project this year. 

Examples of previous ideas submitted:
    http://ktiedt.dojotoolkit.org/gsoc/2010/ideas.html (used, but not finding my notes on which we used and how they turned out, but it was a positive end result save for 1 student if I remember correctly)

    NOTE: This email was BCC'd to the dojo-contributor list, so if you are responding from there, your respond should end up on the dojo-interest list (I hope). I wanted to be sure to reach the widest audience of contributors as well and I know not all of them monitor dojo-interest.

-Karl Tiedt

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