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Dojo 1.12.0-rc2

A few additional fixes were made this week, and are now available in the
1.12.0-rc2 release at

Thanks again for your help in testing the release candidate.


on 11/4/16, 17:20 (GMT-07:00) Dylan Schiemann said the following:

> The first release candidate build of Dojo 1.12 is now available at:
> We'll do our usual approach of waiting a week to see if there are any
> critical issues reported against the release, before doing either
> another RC or a final release.
> Thanks everyone for the many PRs and bug fixes that have landed over the
> past many months! While most of the focus this year has been on getting
> Dojo 2 closer to release, I greatly appreciate everyone's help in
> maintaining Dojo 1.x.
> We'll get the release notes in order before the final release, as well
> as a summary of everything that has landed before then.
> Regards,
> -Dylan
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