Do Uploads with the HTML5 uploader all have to finish at once?

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Do Uploads with the HTML5 uploader all have to finish at once?

Glenn Stowe
I'm using the dojo uploader to upload a large number (1000+) of large (500MB+) files.

I recently switched from the old Flash uploader to HTML5. With the Flash uploader, when each file completed, the registered PHP script on the server would fire to handle the upload. With the HTML5 uploader this all happens at once when the uploads are all complete.

The problem this causes is that the progress reaches 100%, then the upload PHP script fires to handle the upload. The script copies the data from temp space into my final destination. This copy can take up to an hour. During which time the user has given up waiting for their upload to complete.

Is there any way to have the script fire for each file, so that the progress bar can reflect the total progress of the job?

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