Calling functions between dijits

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Calling functions between dijits

Andrew Davis

I'm trying to call a function from inside one digit to another digit.

I've been able to do this before like so.. ('extras') is a folder at the root of my project.

    var dojoConfig = {
        async: true,
        packages: [{          
            name: "extras", //if you see this in the solution explorer (VisualStudio) it is the
                //folder named 'geocoders'
            //this regex type expression takes you directly to the location 'relative path'
            location: location.pathname.replace(/\/[^/]*$/, '') + '/extras'

However, when I try to do this inside a different project where the folder containing the .js file I want to work with is down several levels..
(project), 'js/gis/dijit'  I am unable to get the reference.

Shouldn't the variable I have above be able to be redirected to the 'dijit' folder I have in the second project?


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